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Operating in Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio

Med Security provides well-trained retail security personnel to stores and shopping malls all around the state of Texas. Shopping centers like these require unique security solutions, being that they host varying levels of foot traffic throughout the day, hold large amounts of valuable inventory, and house employees focused on customers rather than potential criminals.

For this reason, many stores employ retail security professionals to to direct traffic at various entryways and to neutralize those conducting suspicious or criminal activity. At Med Security, we train our retail security team to keep careful watch over entrances and exits, your store’s layout, and miscellaneous inventory around your store’s perimeter. Whether they’re in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, businesses like these have specific security needs that set them apart.

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How We Protect Your Investment

Our retail security guards make it their duty to vigilantly oversee the retail spaces and shopping centers we serve. Our team is well-equipped to manage the entrance to your space, patrol the area to limit mischief of any kind, and remove individuals who steal or otherwise damage the shopping experiences of your customers. Based in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas/Ft. Worth, our loss prevention professionals are highly experienced in maintaining safe environments for employees and customers to navigate.

Your Ideal Retail Security Team

We look to serve your retail space in whatever manner is best for your business. Our retail security guards are equipped to investigate suspicious activity, protect product inventory from theft and damage, or any other range of security-related tasks. Providing quality loss prevention measures to your store is what Med Security does. Contact our team today to learn more about our retail security services.

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