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It’s extremely important for residential property owners to protect their investment at all costs. Being that residential properties provide safety and shelter to families all over the world, we know how vital they are to their residents. For this reason, Med Security makes sure our experienced, trained residential security professionals are always ready to secure your home from vandalism, trespassing, and other criminal acts.

We stand behind our residential security measures and their ability to facilitate home safety in a responsible manner. Whether you reside in a gated community, live in suburban neighborhood, or manage an apartment complex, our residential security guards offer quality protective services while keeping the resident’s welfare top of mind. From watching entryways and exits to patrolling the grounds, our professionals are well-equipped to keep trouble away from your residency. Whether you live in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, our services can bring you the priceless peace of mind that you deserve. Contact our team today to secure our protective services.

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How We Defend Your Residence

Our residential security guards are trained to remain observant and vigilant at all times. This means they are able to spot suspicious individuals before they make it onto your property. Our security guards know how serious you take the sanctity of your home. Therefore, they know what behavior to look out for, what areas to check more frequently, and what to do when encounter a criminal with intentions of trespassing.

Your Residential Security Team

Our residential security guards are well-equipped to defend your home from threats. At Med Security, we understand the importance of having a safe place to live and we work everyday to create safe environments for our clients. Based in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas/Ft. Worth, our residential security professionals are ready when you are ready to fulfill our security needs.

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