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Operating in Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, and San Antonio

Med Security is a commercial security firm that provides trained professionals to businesses and executives across the state of Texas. Our company provides flexible security solutions to our clients, and it is our mission to fulfill your business’s needs to the fullest extent possible. Based in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, our highly-skilled commercial security guards have the experience and and training needed to address adverse situations as they arise. Our team knows just how important it is to stay ready for anything that could occur.

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Your Ideal Commercial Security Team

We make it our goal to serve your business in whatever capacity management sees fit. Our commercial security guards are equipped to accompany front desk personnel, conduct foot patrols inside your building, secure your office’s exterior, and other security-related tasks. Serving your team while making your employees feel safe and comfortable is one of the things Med Security does best.

Protection for your Office Space

Our commercial security guards are able to effectively keep your office space clear of loiterers, mischievous individuals, and other problematic visitors. Members of our team act as deterrents to any individuals with criminal intent. Trained to effectively handle and remove unwanted personnel, our officers won’t hesitate to keep you ad our staff out of harms way. Whether you operate a business in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio, our security guards can offer your business high quality protection and grant you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact our team today to see how our commercial security services can help your business/organization.

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